• Catch



*Currently in development

Cold, wet and exhausting work. This sums up the life of a trawler fisherman out on the open seas. Imagine a job where you can get washed overboard by crashing waves or have your hand ripped off by a winch line as it's sucked out to sea. It's called the deadliest job in the world for good reason. 

So when an opportunity to change this life presents itself, no matter how grim or gruesome that might be, you'd take it, you'd grab hold with both hands and cling on. But... back on dry land the rules aren't quite the same, the sea's spray and rapid waves don't just wash away your mistakes, and what you bring back ashore can drag you into the dirt.

This is a tense multi-part drama that captures the unraveling lives of the crew aboard The Good Shepard who risk it all for treasure found out at sea.